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Orbital drydock

- see the Colony overview for other features of colony management.
- see the Construction article for the list of all construction options.

LegendOrbital drydock
Enables production of ships and massive space stations in zero gravity environment. Speed of production is directly related to the amount of buildings of this type.
Costs 80 000 600 15 000 5 000 5005
Attributes10,0020 Maximum allowed in colony 20x
Researched by Assembly in space 1
Orbital drydock has two modes. Production and Upgrade. On the production screen you can produce both default ship models, as well as your custom Ship designs from the scratch. Upgrade mode allows you to take existing default models already build and assigned to colony defenses and upgrade them to custom design for the difference of the costs. You cannot upgrade custom design ships any further, you have to downgrade them first on the Defense grid screen and only after that you can upgrade the default ship models that you were left with after downgrading.

Ship type limit

Currently there is no actual limit on how many stations, or spaceships you produce. There is some backend system related limitation on each colony and fleet, but these are high enough not to reach them easy and you can always redistribute ships to other fleets. We will consider it in the future if to implement limits as a game mechanics (e.g amount of ships in defense will be limited by amount of defense grids, and fleet size could be limited by race and fleet experience, or fleets leader (YES, that will come too)).

Construction queue

On each colony you are able to queue your production, one after another - the only limit is amount of resources needed for the construction initiation. Once you have the queue, you can see all the items on it on top of the Orbital drydock options screen. You are able to select specific item and move it to the front of the queue by clicking on its name. You can also cancel any item from the queue by clicking the red cross icon.

Quantity discount

You can order the construction of each item individually, or you could choose quantity discount model - it means that production of multiple items of the same type will be cheaper, but they all will be finished at once and not sooner as some might be when constructed individually one by one.
5x - 5% discount from the cost of money
20x - 10% discount from the cost of money
100x - 15% discount from the cost of money

Human construction options

Space stationIts a fortress in the sky, as grounders would call it. Space station has quite large hull and lots of armor + it can be modified with up to 8 standard modules.
Colony shipColony ship is designed for speed, neglecting all the other attributes. It can be upgraded with up to 3 standard modules - meant for further increasing speed, or adding more advanced travel options.
GunshipFirst combat vessel. Its small and not really special in any way, but it has decent life support that can get the crew to another solar system.
CorvetteLarger and faster than Guship, Corvette is a fine choice for cargo fleet.
FrigateIdeal as center of operations for remote locations. Can have up to 4 standard modules and still some cargo space left.
DestroyerSmallest spaceship capable of safe transporting of bombs, as well as launching warheads. 9 standard expansion slots.
CruiserFirst ship capable of launching fighters and bombers. it has quite decent firepower, 10 standard and 1 large expansion slot.
BattleshipTrue Battle ship. Accomodates large amount of vehicles and weapons, has decent firepower, strong armor and can be upgraded with up to 10 standard and 3 large modules.
JuggernautMobile fortress. Its not really fast, but its massive and can take a lot of heat during the engagement. Its quite costly but if you can afford a few, they will certainly help to keep your empire alive. 10 standard, 5 large and 1 huge expansion slot.