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List of colonies

On this screen you will get clear information about all of your colonies. The screen appears when you have more than one colony. If you have only one colony, you are automatically redirected to Your colony overview .

- You can sort the list of colonies by selected criteria by clicking on the heading of the column - when it is available.
- By clicking on the Colony name you can get to Colony overview for that colony.
- At the end of each Colony row, you will find the colony Starmap position center button and the Fleet Overview button, with the filter for all the fleets currently over this colony.
- In addition to some common columns, the table also includes columns divided into several categories, switched by buttons in the Page Headline: Overview, Resources, Infrastructure, Military.


Default category. It contains information about the remaining time for the individual storage (warehouse, living quarters) to reach full occupancy, building queues (Construction, Factory, Orbital Shipyard) with the time remaining until all tasks are completed.


The resource table tells you what type of system it is. By clicking on the system icon you can go to System information. In addition, you can find here the habitabiliy score of the system, the stock of resources and the current population, as well as individual increments of resources and population in 1 minute. You can also see an overview of the estimated raw material deposits in the system.


This table looks at the level of construction in the system, revealing the total number of completed buildings, the construction limit and the number of selected buildings, including construction buildings and information on the amount of built-in sensors, ie the range of the colony detection area.


The military table provides a basic overview of the strengths of the defense, the number of machines, units and ammunition at each colony, as well as the number of your own and foreign fleets in the system. Green fleet column represents defensive stance of foreign fleets, red fleet column represents aggresive fleets.