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Through this feature, you can contact players in the game world (you can find their links on their profile or on information page about the Empire) as well as friends outside this game world or from other game world, if you know their login - for example, you can invite them to play this game world as well.

With the New message you enter the subject of the message, send to (login of the recipient or its ID number) and the message itself.
- A new message can also be sent to multiple recipients at once, with each login or ID number separated by a dotted line (;).
- Unread messages are marked bold. This also applies to sent messages - if the message loses the bold, it means that the recipient has opened it.
- Received messages can be archived or deleted after reading (and responding).
- Main folder button switches you to your main mailbox within the TefSEC network, clicking again will return you to the local mailbox for Colonize.online.