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Empire overview

This feature offers detailed information about the empire, that are of a different nature. Let"s look at individual bookmarks.


The first tab is available for viewing for other users as well. It contains public information about the empire, with the option of changing the name of the empire and the representative color that identifies colonies and fleets on the Starmap. At the same time, you have the ability to write a brief description or message to your profile, which everyone who will visit the profile will be able to see.

Here´s also the Resign button - confirming this action instantly blocks you from accessing this game and killing all the population at the same time. Your fleets and colonies will remain in the game and will be defending against attacks from other players.


The budget provides a structured overview of the regular revenue and expense of your empire. For example, find out the optimal number of Research centers against the current ability of the Empire to generate income. For larger income, it is possible to simply increase the tax burden or to make long-term efforts to increase the population - reduce tax burden, develop technologies to increase population growth, improve living conditions in the colony, or settle the worlds that already have excellent living conditions.


Well maintained empire does not hoard production resource, it uses them for its own betterment and supporting further growth instead. The more money is in the treasury, the lower the efficiency of further tax collection. Maximum amount of money on account is directly related to the size of the population.


You can find information about the statistics table on a separate page of Statistics.