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This page is for those who have trouble navigating the game panel itself. Click on the blue part of the text (link) or the icon on the game panel on top and you will be redirected to the corresponding article.

StarmapInteractive game plan with depictions of star systems, your colonies, fleet movement, sensor range, and everything visible within your reach (ie, colony and fleet of other players). The map is also used to send fleets for travel and for quick access to information.
Game options
Important tables with information about the empire as a whole - presentation profile, income and expenditure status, game statistics, and more.
List of coloniesas the name suggests, this feature opens a table with an overview of all of your colonies in the game world. If you only have one, Colony overview is opened directly.
Fleet overviewThis feature will display a complete overview of your fleets. In the case of filtering from Starmap, you will see a selection of all the fleets in that system, including other players.
Research optionsaccess to a technology tree, and research on the options available to you now. More technology is hidden in yet unknown branches.
Ship designDesign of your own ships or stations and bases, based on developed hulls, through installable modules available after completion of various research paths.
Reportsinformation outputs generated in case of an important event, such as fleet battle.
Communication optionsfeatures allowing different forms of built-in communication with other players in the game world, with regard to available technologies and physical limitations.
Messagesa system for receiving and sending mail between players. Ability to archive messages and check if receiver did read the message already.
LibraryIf you click on any button on any page in the game, the corresponding Colonize library page of the game page will open. Similarly, if you press a button called a Library, when producing a particular building or unit, the corresponding library page about that building or unit opens.
Music streamallows you to play the music from default YouTube playlist while playing the game. You can change the playlist to your own in the settings.
Main menuwhile playing the game, this leads to the main menu, where you can get to other game worlds, edit your profile information, or visit the community section and more.