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Fleet information

Fleet information screen provides you with detailed overview of the fleet, its attributes, all the ships, weapons, crew and cargo onboard and overall estimated strength. Many fleet control and management functions are also accessible here.

Fleet panel

On top of the screen, you can find fleets current name, with the option to change it, upon clicking on the edit icon, or the name. Name change is not limited and is available any time, with maximum length of 20 characters.

Right next to the fleet name are buttons that control Fleet stance. Passive stance is only available when the fleet is located at one of your own colonies.

If the fleet has no ships assigned to it, you can also find here the option to disband the fleet. This will effectively eraze the fleet and all its records and decrease current fleet count, so you can create a new one instead, maybe at different location.

Next two buttons will lead you either back to List of fleets, or to the previously visited Colony overview.

Fleet taxes

You can modify taxes collected from the civilian polulation living within the fleet the same way as with the colony.
This allows to generate additional income, (or any income at all, in case your homeworld was wiped out by alien, or uprising robot menace and all you have left is a couple of old cargo ships, some military escort and 50 000 of civilian population within).

The same way is also affected the rate at wich population in the fleet increases or drops over time. Base habitability value of any fleet for this purpose is 60%. Further research may improve on it (Reproduction program). Combined with research that decreases fleet upkeep costs (Efficient upkeep), it may be, that one day, you might actually survive and grow in space.

Fleet experience

Fleet can gain experience and level Up from time to time. To reach next level it will require more experience than with the previous one. You can assign these levelUp points to 11 basic stats, each maxing at 25. For every level added to the stat there is minor 1% bonus to its base value.

Experience is gained slowly over time, corresponding with the current upkeep multiplier of the fleet. Which means that fleet in passive stance will get significantly less experience over time than defensive fleet and even less so than aggressive, or traveling fleet (since travelling costs the same upkeep as just being in aggressive stance). Empty fleet gains zero experience.

Faster way of gaining experience is to destroy other players property. It is again linked to upkeep, but in this case, gained experience is equal to basic upkeep cost of the unit, or building destroyed by the fleet. If more than one fleet is in the equation on either side, gained experience is splitted based on proportion of basic upkeep value of each fleet compared to sum. Which means that it does matter how much force you provide for the battle, not just that you attend. The same rule is applied also for battle score calculation, though details of that are a bit different.

Fleet summary

You will find here all the information about the fleet: current stance, maximum speed, location, destination and estimated time to it, when in travel.

You can also find here counters for all the units, bombs and warheads on the fleet. These are complete numbers that are currently assigned to the fleet.

If the fleet has some cargo stored, or civilian passengers onboard, you can also find this information here.

Under special attributes section are listed all the attributes that are currently active for the fleet. These are usually important for the travel methods that are available to the fleet, but can also have various other uses.

Fleet details

This section of the screen contains complete list of ships, units and weapons with detailed statistics, all of which then accumulates into base total and serves as base for calculation of raw strength of the fleet.

First line shows the value of levelUp points assigned to any of the basic 11 stats. When levelUp point is available you can assign it here.

Last line of the table then shows the value updated with research as well as fleet level Up.

Be aware that statistics for bombs and warheads in this table has different logic than in the Fleet summary table. Here only those warheads and bombs are listed that are actually accounted for in the strength calculation. Explosive bombs are accounted for only up to the amount of Bombers in the fleet at maximum. Similarly, Nuclear warheads are accounted for only up to the count of ships (see fleet summary) in the fleet at maximum. These directly affect the total strength of the fleet, the rest of the ammunition is in storage.

Raw strength only summarizes values from the table of all accounted ships, units and ammunition, without any research or any other effects included. That´s what is the "Absolute" value for.

Take into consideration also the fact, that these calculations are generalized. When two fleets meet in battle, the outcome will be greatly influenced by individual statistics of hp, armor, shields, kinetic, heat and energy and their interactions. For more information about the interactions check out the Triangle of effectiveness article.