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Colony overview

Colony overview plays important role in colony management as this is the screen that gives you detailed overview of all the buildings, productions and resources of the currently inspected colony. Most of the building tiles also leads to specific pages that hosts important production or resource management features, or simply act as shortcut to some function, or filter.

- Colony name - you can change name of your colony any time, by clicking on its current name on the colony panel.
- Total costs - on the colony panel you can also see current total upkeep of this colony, including local defenses. Upkeep, as well as tax income, is always specified per minute of gameplay.
- Each building type has its upkeep costs specified also separately, on the building tile, just below the building count.
- Any building can be demolished, once it is no longer required. Just use the red X on top-right edge of the particular building tile and confirm the amount to be demolished.

System information

First tile is always providing basic information about local system properties. Click on the star icon for more information about the solar system.

Resource manager

This tile provides status of your resources, as well as resource production in the colony. It also shows you how much time until all storage capacity is taken with current rate of resource production.

It also allows you to control taxation level of the colony. Remember, high taxes directly impact not only your incomes, but also population reproduction in a negative way. Increasing taxes for a short time might give you small benefits now, but will cost you more in the long run. Simply because more people you have, more people pay taxes. For new colonies, it is better not to impose any taxes at all, as it is (at least in early game) cheaper to increase population while loosing some taxes, than transporting more population to a new colony. It is also important to take into account that number here is just projected tax income. Actual tax collection depends on the efficiency, which drops with increasing amount of money in treasury.

Colonial center

Heart of the Colony. Its presence allows you to modify tax policy for the colony. It can be upgraded into capital class building by selecting one of the available government types and in one of your colonies only.

Living quarter

Amount of living space for your colonists, as well as current change in population per minute and estimated time untill all capacity is full with current growth rate.


This tile provides information of current trading activities, mostly how much busy the tradeport currently is. Clicking on this tile will lead you to local tradeport options.


With this building, you can easily transfer population to your remaining colonies. Tile provides information about current use, the same way as Tradeport.


Tile monitors current production progress of buildings in the colony. By clicking on it you will get to Construction options menu. Amount of buildings of this type directly impacts production options.


Tile monitors current production progress of units in the colony. By clicking on it you will get to Factory options menu. Amount of buildings of this type directly impacts production options.

Orbital drydock

Tile monitors current production progress of ships in the colony. By clicking on it you will get to Orbital drydock options menu. Amount of buildings of this type directly impacts production options.

Defense grid

Provides information about colony defenses - ships, units, platforms, stations and weapons. Amount of Defense grid constructions also directly affects the defensive bonus gained. Clicking on this tile will display detailed information about local defenses. Upkeep costs in last line is just for the local defenses.

Fleet command

This tile provides overview of fleets currently in orbit, along with summary of ships, as well as units and weapons onboard. By clicking on the tile you will find yourself on the Fleet control screen. Here you can manage transfer of ships, units and cargo between any fleet and local colony defefense, or storage. This screen can also be used with other players fleet, or colony, with one-way limitation.

Research lab

Provides information about ongoing research name and level, running research costs per minute and research effectiveness. More importantly, this is the place, where you can change the effectiveness of research away from default 100% set for any newly initiated research. Buffing research +100% costs will give you some boost to effectiveness. On the other hand, if you are running low on money, you can slow down, or pause current research, in order to save some cash for construction, or production.

There are also other buildings with specific functions and purposes. For complete list of all available buildings in the game, check out the Construction article.

Attack on colony

Interface for other players colony is almost the same as for your own colonies, but there are some slight differences. More importantly, in case of your fleet presense on top of other players colony, new layer of options is provided for your convenience, that enables you to perform tactical actions on the enemy. For more information see the Attack on colony article.