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This is special building type that is available from the beginning of any game. You don´t have to research it and you can build the first one even when there is no such building in the colony.

Constructs all buildings, on surface as well as in space. The more of them you have, the faster the progress of construction. Also keep in mind that more complex projects require higher amount of Construction infrastructure in order to be build. Colonial center and its upgrade are required beyond 4 and 8 buildings.
Costs 1 000 150 4 000 2 000 00
Attributes0,1010 Maximum allowed in colony 10x
Each colony has +1 construction capability when it comes to the speed of construction - in order to be able to (re)build even without the Construction building. This does not count for the requirement of certain amount of Construction buildings in colony in order to be able to start some specific construction. At first only 4 Construction buildings are allowed in colony. By constructing Colonial center, you are allowed to increase up to 8. By upgrading Colonial center to some capital class building, you are allowed to reach maximum 10.

Colony building space

Each colony has its own limit on how many constructions can be build there. You can see the value, as well as the current amount of constructions in the colony on the main panel of the Construction options screen. This limit is currently fixed and is generated with the galaxy, in ranges based on the system type.

Construction type limit

Each type of Construction has defined limit on maximum amount of such constructions in one colony. You can see this limit on any construction detail dialog. Resource production type of buildings has specific rule to the max limit based on the availability of the resource in the system. For example, even when maximum allowed Uranium mines in colony is 5, system with 2-star uranium deposits will allow construction of only 40% of the max, which would be 2.

Construction queue

On each colony you are able to queue your construction projects, one after another - the only limit is amount of resources needed for the construction initiation and the limit of maximum constructions allowed in the colony, or of that particular type of construction. Once you have the queue, you can see all the items on it on top of the construction screen. You are able to select specific item and move it to the front of the queue by clicking on its name. You can also cancel any item from the queue by clicking the red cross icon.

Quantity discount

You can order the construction of each building individually, or you could choose quantity discount model - it means that construction of multiple buildings of the same type will be cheaper, but they all will be finished at once and not sooner as some might be when constructed individually one by one.
5x - 5% discount from the cost of money
20x - 10% discount from the cost of money
100x - 15% discount from the cost of money

List of all constructions

ConstructionThis is the basic construction building, described in this article above.
Mineral processingBuilding designed for raw mineral extraction from the planets (moons, asteroids) surface.
RefineryProcessing raw natural resources like oil, water into usable chemicals.
Uranium mineLocating and extraction of radioactive isotopes from deep undergroud of the platetary body.
Colonial centerSeat of local government. Important step in developing colony, collecting taxes and taking on larger projects.
Fleet commandCentralized institution designed to put together, maintain, staff, arm and resupply the assigned fleet.
FactoryGround based production facility designed to produce smaller machines, or weapons.
Orbital drydockLarge orbital assemly. It is necessary for production of large space ships, or other space installations, that would otherwise never leave planets surface.
SpaceportCentralized hub useful for organizing population transfer between colonies.
TradeportLarge landing and cargo handling systems, whose purpose is to maintain and transfer cargo between surface and trading fleets parked on orbit and to maintain operations of the trade fleets.
Space sensorsNetwork of tachyon-laser based sattelites, in cooperation with large ground based receivers, creates a coverage area surrounding the colony with the ability to detect anything larger than a single vehicle, that could pose a threat to a colony.
Living quarterHigh standard accomodation for your population. Everything your people need to live comfortable lives.
WarehouseResource storage buildings. Use them to store minerals, chemicals and uranium safely. Everything above the storage capacity will deteriorate in time.
Defense gridDefense systems integrated with the actual defense units, providing automated coordination and tactical management, resulting in significant bonus to efficiency of the colony defenses during the engagement.
Research labCenters of knowledge and research, these buildings are keystone of your progress towards advanced space faring civilisation.
Hyperspace gateA door to another dimensions. These huge ring-shaped structures stabilized on planets orbit provides fast travel connection to their counterparts in other systems.
Blink effect inhibitorComplicated and costly technology that will make sure you are not jumped over by your blink drive mastered enemies.
TerraformBasic longterm construction project. When finished, it will provide 1% improvement to the systems habitability.
Advanced terraformAdvanced longterm construction project. When finished, it will provide 1% improvement to the systems habitability.
Absolute terraformSuperior longterm construction project. When finished, it will provide 1% improvement to the systems habitability.

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