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Environmental effects

This article covers information about the environment, that is in the Colonize.online, mostly the galaxy as a whole - as perceived through the Starmap. When talking about environmental effects, currently we refer mostly to the nebulae. All types of nebula in the game has one common property - they block sensor view of Space sensor buildings, only fleets are capable of mapping their surroundings, with much smaller area effect.

Nebulae are classified as follows:

Hot gass nebulaeThis type of nebula consits mostly of scorching gass clouds that emerge from stars corona when the star goes through supernova stage, or perhaps when smaller star collides with orange giant, expelling part of the mass into its surroundings in the process. Such hot clouds are very devastating to ships without armor protection, like organic, breeded space monsters created by some races through extensive genetic engineering.
Ion storm nebulaeSupercharged gass nebula, with strong ion storms, full of electic discharges. This type of nebula is usually located around blue supergiants, where powerful solar winds expell large amounts of charged particles in the area to create these storm formations. Passing through such area is very harmful to sentient life heavily based on electronics, or any kind of form of energy, lacking hull integrity and therefore without the energy component falling apart whenever the energy bond is disrupted.
Radioactive nebulaeAreas with high concentration of radiation, that is harmful or very disruptive to any kind of technology not shielded with proper energy barrier that would effectively block the radiation. These nebulae can usually be found in the close vicinity to a black hole, or perhaps within asteroid cluster that was once rich in radioactive materials that over the long period of time gradually dispersed into the surroundings.
Dust cloud nebulaeGenerally not harmful in any particular way, these clouds full of soft but dense dust are just annoyance for maintenance crew. These are most common in general and are usually located surrounding red dwarf star class, mostly because of lower gravitational pull (or solar wind push) that would otherwise in time clean the dust from the stars vicinity.

Damaging effects of all nebulae types are applied only when you enter some system within the nebula radius
(circle on the Starmap 9,5 ly wide), not during the flight through the nebula.

Right now, this is it, but there will be also other particulars added in later upgrades of the game.