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Fleet battle

Fleet battle is definitely major event in the game. As fleets battle to the last man (or ship) standing, outcome, as well as the cost, has great impact on future of any empire. Its definitely grim for the loosing side, but yet uncertain also for the winner, as by loosing large part of its ships, oportunity arises for other empires nearby to strike as well. War with your neighbour should then be well thought over. Colonies without serious defense will not last long.

Fleet stance

First important thing about fleet battle that you should be aware of is Fleet stance. Right stance at the right time might win and on the other hand, wrong stance might definitely loose you your war.

Triangle of effectiveness

Another very important aspect of fleet battle is so called Triangle of effectiveness. This covers interactions and resistances between 3 different kinds of attack types and 3 different types of defense. In the article you can find also detailed analysis of the battle calculator, we will avoid repetition here and keep on high level, with different approach to fleet battle.

Battle engagement breakdown

Following table will cover all possible combinations of battle engagement that could take place. For simplicity, we always assume that there is also some colony involved (if there is not, it is the same as if there was not any actual colony defense on the colony). We also assume only one defensive and one aggresive fleet, but in reality, both sides might include multiple fleets and defense side also from multiple players. Theoretically it is possible to get into situation where there are multiple attacking aggresive fleets of more than one player (when their arrival is timed to a very short timeframe), but outcome of such battle is very unpredictable, as there are more than two opposing sides, it is better to avoid such situations at all costs, otherwise you might end up with friendly fire - attacking fleets battling each other first and the remains then easily picked up by the defenders.
(B) is the %bonus into defense provided by the Defense grid construction. When it is added to the force in the outcome column below, it means that the bonus is active for that force in that situation.

ColonyDefending sideInvading sideOutcome

Though it might seem like there is no gain in going into war with the aggresive stance, it is important to mention here that aggresive fleet can take advantage of the Offensive tactics research, which might increase its strength up to +30%. And of course, when both sides are defensive, no battle will happen at all, so if you do want have it, you will have to either go aggresive anyway (though you can still decide that after arrival of the fleet, based on the situation), or you can keep defensive stance and just launch the Attack on the colony directly. This will allow you to make one, maybe two quick surprise attacks on the colony, but changes stance of all your fleet in the system to aggresive, unavoidably resulting in the battle with the defending fleets shortly after the attack. Always consider your options carefully.

Use of weapons

Explosive bombs as well as Nuclear warheads can provide some bonus to the fleet during the battle:
- Each Explosive bomb that has its assigned bomber in the fleet is counted as a unit during the battle.
- Each Nuclear warhead that has its corresponding spaceship in the fleet is counted as a unit during the battle.
See the Bombs and warheads page for details about individual weapons.