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Attack on colony

If you got yourself to this point in the game, congratulations:)

- Panel below displays your fleets on top of other players colony, along with statistics about amount of spaceships, vehicles and weapons within. Important function here is the stance button - with one click (careful - there is no confirmation), you can switch stance of all your fleets in the system between defensive and aggresive. This is important in case you have multiple fleets defensive and there is considerable colony defense, including fleets, defending the colony. You don´t want to switch your fleets one by one, as it might happen that before you click on second one, first one was already destroyed by an overwhelming force. If you switch them here, they will fight all together, increasing your chance on victory and diminishing your losses.

- Assaulting colonies of other players is not mandatory, nor essential for your progress through the game, however it is much more fun and satisfaction, if you can blast your opponents homeworld out of existence.

- Attack on the colony is realized in a form of a mini-game, where whole attack is divided into series of individual runs where you, as an attacker, choose next target of each run - whether it is resource raid, bombing run, or nuclear/ biological missile strike. Each action has its consequences, so plan your steps carefully and always keep in mind what is your goal for the current siege. You will be attacking directly with the Colony overview screen in special assault mode, where you will be able to pick the target (construction tile) and then the action that you would like your fleet(s) to perform.

Normal modeThis icon represents normal mode of the selected building. Basically it opens interface, or performs action as usual, ignoring the assault mode.
Engage defensesThis action will only be available on the Defense grid tile and its only outcome is one round of battle with the Colony defenses. No other action is performed. Battle for the colony is a bit different in one particular detail - outcome is not 100% loss of weaker side, but rather shared losss ratio, where % losses of both sides added together are equal to 100. Otherwise it follows the same battle calculator as described in the Triangle of effectiveness article. When one of the sides is more than 5X of power of the other one, standard total losses battle is calculated. Defenses are engaged also prior to any other assault mode action, as long as there are some left.
Resource raidThis mode is only available on Resource manager tile, when warehouse icon is selected. You will get the option to either choose just specific resource, or try to steal all of them (as much as there is cargo space left on the fleet). The actual amount of resources stolen is also reduced by the ratio of losses when encountering colony defenses.
Bombing runThis option is available on any building tile larger than 0, with the exception of Living quarters, where it is available even beyond that. Explosive bombs can only be delivered with Bombers, that will get through the colony defenses alive. Every building requires different amount of bombers to be effectively taken down, equal to its HP. Each bomb delivered on Living quarters will kill 200 - 500 population at random. 20 bombs maximum are delivered on Living quarters rubble per one bombing run. On other construction there are no civilian losses.
Nuclear strikeNuclear weapons are very destructvive and should be considered only as a last resort. Each nuclear warhead can effectively take down any selected target. If the target happens to be on the ground, it will also take down 1-2 other random buildings on the ground. Each nuke detonated on surface will also kill 1% of current population and decrease habitability of the planet 1%, down to minimum of 11. When the target is Living quarters, losses are 5% per nuke. Effect of nuclear weapons on population is stackable. Droping 10 nukes on a Living quarters in one run, can then have up to 50% of total colony population loss.
Biological strikeBiological weapons are much more efficient alternative to nuclear weapons as only the population is affected. This kind of attack can be launched only on Living quarters and has stackable effect of 9% population loss per warhead, leading to 90% losses of current population with 10x warhead run.

- It is also important to remember that Assault can be performed only by a player (at least for now) and that it might take some real time. During that time, it is possible for the defenders to receive additional reinforcements, or to construct/finish more defenses. When you start the assault, it is best to finish it as soon as possible.

Capture or Eraze colony

- Goal of this Attack on colony mini-game is to harm your enemy the most, but you might also consider more strategic approach. Colony can be taken over in two situations: Either all the population of the colony is dead or otherwise gone, or all the buildings were destroyed. In case both these conditions happen to be met, you will be able to eraze the colony completely.