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- see the Colony overview for other features of colony management.
- see the Construction article for the list of all construction options.

Enables production of small units, platforms and ammunition. Speed of production is directly related to the amount of buildings of this type.
Costs 5 000 50 5 000 2 500 02
Attributes5,0010 Maximum allowed in colony 20x
Researched by Production processes 1

Unit type limit

Currently there is no actual limit on how many units, or weapons you produce. There is some backend system related limitation on each colony and fleet, but these are high enough not to reach them easy and you can always redistribute units and weapons. We will consider it in the future if to implement limits as a game mechanics (e.g amount of platforms or stations will be limited to either size of the colony, or amount of Defense grid constructions).

Society type limit

Some government types are prohibited from using certain weapons. These types will not be shown in factory, even when researched. To learn more about differences between individual government types, check out Colonial center page.

Construction queue

On each colony you are able to queue your production, one after another - the only limit is amount of resources needed for the construction initiation. Once you have the queue, you can see all the items on it on top of the Factory options screen. You are able to select specific item and move it to the front of the queue by clicking on its name. You can also cancel any item from the queue by clicking the red cross icon.

Quantity discount

You can order the construction of each item individually, or you could choose quantity discount model - it means that production of multiple items of the same type will be cheaper, but they all will be finished at once and not sooner as some might be when constructed individually one by one.
5x - 5% discount from the cost of money
20x - 10% discount from the cost of money
100x - 15% discount from the cost of money

List of all products

FighterBasic military unit, available early in the game. Cheap, yet effective in numbers. Kinetic weapons preference.
BomberAdvanced military unit, with emphasis on explosive weapons. Special funcion during Attack on colony.
Small platformSmall unmanned orbital platform with kinetic weapons. As it is fully automated, it has low upkeep.
Large platformQuite large orbital installation loaded mostly with explosive weapons. Its also fully automated, thus low on upkeep.
Explosive bombBasic bomb, available since the beginning, its main use is during bombing runs on enemy colony.
Biological warheadOrbit-to-surface missile capable of wiping out large percentage of population.
Nuclear warheadVersatile missile system designed to take out any construction. Does a lot of secondary damage to the colony, as well as the planet. It is sometimes used also in Fleet battle.

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