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Defense grid

- see the Colony overview for other features of colony management.
- see the Construction article for the list of all construction options.

LegendDefense grid
Each building of this type increases total defense of colony by 3%. Bonus is applied to the units assigned to the colony defense, but also to any fleet with defensive stance during the fleet battle.
Costs 15 000 100 8 000 10 000 1 0003
Attributes1,0030 Maximum allowed in colony 20x
Researched by Defense grid 1
Defense grid interface is available even when the building count is 0. In that case there is no defense bonus.

- This interface provides you with detailed information about colony defenses. First tab shows information about the total amount of weapons in the colony, amount of stations+spaceships together and current bonus effect of Defense grid buildings.
- Second tab contains list of all spaceships and their custom designs, vehicles and weapons, with detailed properties. In this tab the weapons lines display only amount that is accounted for in battle. Explosive bombs up to the amount of bombers and Nuclear warheads only up to the amount of stations and spaceships.
- You can disassemble/disband units here (red cross at the last column). In case it is custom design item, it will be downgraded to default hull instead.
- Last tab shows estimated total strength of the defenses and if you are owner of the colony, you can also see the value after all the upgrades and Defense grid bonus effect is accounted for.

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