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Platforms and stations


- see the Factory article for the list of all factory production options.

LegendSmall platform
Military sattelite armed with medium sized machine gun and large amount of ammunition. Cheap and effective defense of a colony. Requires only minimum maintenance.
Costs 570 0 100 50 13
Researched by Small platform 1

LegendLarge platform
Larger military installation loaded with rocket launchers and small anti-rocket gun. Suitable defense against larger ships. Cheap on maintenance. Apropriate to be used in combination with Small platforms.
Costs 1 200 0 800 250 35
Researched by Large platform 1

Space stations

- see the Orbital drydock article for the list of all Orbital drydock production options.

LegendSpace station
Space station, when it comes to upkeep, is the most effective way to defend a colony. Armed with kinetic as well as explosive weapons and protected with a lot of armor, it is quite strong element of defense.
Costs 25 000 150 40 000 5 000 502
Attributes5,00400 250 0 0,00 1 200
8 500 200 0 0 0
Researched by No man´s land 1

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