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Colony ship

- see the Orbital drydock article for the list of all Orbital drydock production options.

LegendColony ship
Huge colossus with one purpose only - to sow seed of civilization on a new world. It carries some mandatory starting resources that are retrieved when the ship is dismantled. It also provides 11000 worth of cargo space for colonists or additional cargo.
This ship has primitive kinetic barrier protecting the front part of the hull, by whom it is capable to fly safely with extraordinary speed and survive collisions with any piece of rock. The rest of the ship has only standard armor as a protective layer against cosmic radiation.
Costs 50 000 40 20 000 6 000 5003
Attributes0,25200 200 0 3,00 11 000
3 0 0 0 0 0
Researched by Colonization of space 1
Special function of this ship - the ability to create a new colony - is accesible via Starmap. When the system is not yet occupied and you have a fleet there with some colony ship, new button will appear on the Starmap system control interface, that will allow you to establish a new colony. Shortly after the colony ship is scrapped and new colony with some resources is created. All the excess population/resources on the fleet are moved to the surface as well.

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