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- see the Orbital drydock article for the list of all Orbital drydock production options.

This ship is the necessary minimum for attacking another colony. It does not yet hold a hangar, but even in basic configuration it can be loaded with several rockets/bombs for the destruction of buildings, or population in the colony. It is almost three times larger than Frigate, strongly armored and with large ammount of medium machine guns, anti-missile systems and rocket launchers. Its size allows installation of up to 9 small optional modules, while most of the storage space still remains available. With its massive fusion drive it is by default also the fastest military ship.
Costs 28 000 130 45 000 3 900 3003
Attributes6,81450 230 0 0,80 1 900
9 400 80 0 10 0
Researched by Destroyer hull 1

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