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- see the Orbital drydock article for the list of all Orbital drydock production options.

First ship that can be considered as large, the Cruiser in its basic configuration already contains small hangar capable to provide for 4 smaller craft onboard. Armoring is considerably weaker than with the Destroyer, however on the other hand this ship can rely on its capacity for rockets and torpedoes, as well as on anti-missile systems. It has large storage space, that allows installation of one medium sized module along ships hull, as well as 10 smaller optional modules. Capacity for fighters and bombers can be increased with Fighter deck. This ship is, considering its size, quite fast.
Costs 40 000 280 70 000 8 000 3005
Attributes10,75700 120 0 0,70 3 900
11 300 800 0 40 4
Researched by Cruiser hull 1

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