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Communication channels

Sometimes you will find yourself in a situation, where you would like to share something with other players. Later on, when first alliances will emerge, member empires will want to coordinate their efforts, or possible war campain, effectively and in secrecy. For that purpose comes the communication technologies:


At a dawn of your space empire, you´ll just be using simple radio broadcasts. These are essencially limited to the speed of light and have limited effective range of 50 ly (light years). Yes, Colonize.online indeed implements real physical (as real as SCI-FI ca be) limitations to communication. So when you use simple radio broadcast, only players, that have their homeworld less than 50 ly from yours, will be able to receive your message - assuming they already have corresponding level of technology for this type of communication, that is Deep space scan on level 2. And if they do indeed receive the message, it will come with delay corresponding to this distance. Basis for this calculation is the fact that every real day is equal to 10 years of Colonize.online + multiply that with the game speed.

Hyperspace radio

is still a radio, but signal is transmitted through Hyperspace, or some other special dimension (sometimes referred to as subspace), which makes message exchange less time consuming. (50x faster). You will need to research Hyperspace to level 2 in order to be able to use it for broadcast. With level 5 comes next tier in communication, that is the Comm channels (see the description below). Hyperspace transmission has effective range of 200 ly. Speed can be further improved, the same way as the actual travel through hyperspace, with the Multiverse mechanics research - this does not affect the maximum range.

Tachyon link

this type of technology involves special particles that always move faster than light. Based on special relativity, this would seem to cause them to travel back in time. In reality however, this is never achieved, instead spacetime bends so that they transit from one place to another almost instantly, no matter the distance. This makes this technology useless for travel, but very beneficial when it comes to communication across vast empty space. Level 1 of the research into Tachyonic particles will allow you to use them for broadcast and level 3 for comm channels. Tachyon link has unlimited reach and the delay is almost non-existent. This makes realtime communication with other players possible. Of course all of the participants must have this technology researched.


This option will allow you to post one simple message and spread it continuously, until you stop the broadcast. This is usefull when you want to announce something that persists. Broadcast does not include your name, but can be tracked to location of your homeworld, so be vary when using it as it is announcing to all the players around you where you are.

Open channel

Here you can post messages openly and whoever is capable, will receive them - assuming he will read them in time as these don´t stick forever. You automatically announce also your name, but not your location - as it is a simple one time burst of energy, it cannot be triangulated to its origin.

Channel #

Digitalized version of the open channel, functions the same way, in addition to that you have to specify the channel number out of the range 1 - 65500, so there is plenty of channels for creating separate groups. The catch is that you can listen only to one at a time. For more security, participants of a channel can securely (via other means) agree on a secret password for their communication. When this password is applied to a message, only listener with this password on receiving end will be able to read the message, otherwise useless gibberish will appear instead.