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Virtual currency (Dn)

This option leads you to the quick access menu for all things related to our virtual currency called Deben (Dn).

In general, you do not have to use Debens at all, Colonize.online is free to play. But there are some features - mainly the ability to create your own designs of ships, by adding various types of modules to them, that you get to use throughout the game progress by competing advanced research. This will allow you to use some means of play, or strategies, otherwise inaccessible.

We do and we will always pursue to avoid ´pay to win´ model - some designs are even accessible without the use of Debens. With a little investment on your side the game just gets much more content-rich, while it enables us to develop the game further and to add to the game even more content.

Credit recharge

If you have too few Deben (Dn) on your account and you need more, you can recharge them on this page, which you can also find under the menu ACCOUNT - My wallet. You can also buy more credit via some e-shops of our partners.

Credit packages are available in a value of 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 €. In the future, this is the place where also subscriptions to a premium Colonize.online account will be available. You can pay your order via bank transfer, PayPal, debet/credit card. In addition to that we even accept bitcoin and litecoin payments.

New transfer

You can freely transfer your Dn credit to other players accounts, or to any other TefSEC account users, or to spend them as a virtual currency on partners e-shops.

Just specify the recipients account (either by login or UID number), transfer amount in € equivavent and you can also provide some optional name of the transaction.

Account movements

Here you can find records of all your purchases, transfers to other accounts and your spending in-game.

Debens are integrated throughout all our websites, as part of the TefSEC account. This allows you to get the Debens elsewhere (on some other websites) and also to use them on another websites, purchasing various products or services. All our future games, that will support microtransactions, will use debens as a means of payment, so even when you are left with some on your account, rest assured, that you will have plenty oportunities to use them later.