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Account types

Colonize.online is a free to play game, with the option to either spent virtual currency on some purchases, or otherwise restricted research, and/or use one of the special kind of accounts. Currently we recognize two special accounts. One is called premium and the better one is called gold. Following table depicts differences between free, premium and gold account.

Play on GameWorldsYYY
Play on Skirmish gamesYYY
Active game limit369
Fastest map synchronization (seconds)15105
Max. research in queue357
Create Skirmish gamesYY
No ads in gameYY
Skirmish games - all research freeYY
GameWorlds - all research free Y

Gold accounts cannot be purchased via usual means, one can get one only on a special occasion - e.g. like a Kickstarter campaign high pledge reward, or for other special contribution to the Colonize.online development.

Premium account can be activated for a specific period, starting from 1 month. The longer the period of activation, the lower the costs / month.

Both game types are possible to join also with free account. Difference is in the extra features. Amount of active games is limited by account type. If your limit is reached, you cannot join any more games, until one of the active games is finished, or you are defeated/resign from a game. This also affects new game feature as you cannot (and must) be part of such game.

Premium account pricing

PeriodPriceExtrasavg. / month
30 days5 €+ 2 Dn credit3 €
6 months18.40 €+ 4 Dn credit2.40 €
1 year29.80 €+ 7 Dn credit1.90 €

Each Premium account period purchase will give you some extra Dn credit that you can spend on restricted research on GameWorlds, or on extra items available either on our webshop, or in-game. We also plan to add trading options between players, involving Debens, in the future.

Dn income from research

Dn spend on research goes to game owner. For GameWorlds the game owner is Colonize.online team and this income helps support continuous operation of the service. Skirmish game can be created by Premium and Gold account owner. In this case, user can make some profit as a compensation for having free users playing his game, or have access to advanced research that will not be accessible to free users, not willing to pay for it.

Create new game

As a premium member you are allowed to create your own skirmish games and invite your friends to play. Alternatively, you can leave them open for any other players to join. As the game owner, you can pause and resume the game at any time. This allows you to simply save the game and continue with it later, when all the players are available. The total number of open games per premium account is limited the same way as is the count of games you can attend to at the same time.

NameGive your game a name, so you or your friends can identify it more easily.
PasswordIf you want to limit who will be able to join, just configure your own password and distribute only to specific people.
PublicYou can choose whether the game will be visible through join game filters, or only via specific game ID search.
Victory conditionYou can specify which type of victory will be considered as game completion. Only one medal per Skirmish game can be rewarded: to the first player that completes the choosen victory condition. When no condition is selected, game will run indefinitely, until all players choose to resign from it. For more information about medals, victory conditions and ladders see the Ranking article.
SpeedControls speed of the game. Cannot be changed later. Speed 1 is standard for large GameWorlds that are meant to be longterm. If you want to play quick game with a few players, start from default and recommended 50x, up to 100x.
Amount of systemsSkirmish game size is limited to a maximum of 320 systems. You can choose your amount for your game. Value is only estimate and exact number will depend on map generator. GameWorlds can be much larger, but these are created and maintained only by Colonize.online team.
System spawn rarityBasically sets the average distance between systems on the map. Value means probability of system to spawn in any position. Higher value then means that it is less likely to spawn.
Amount of playersYou can control maximum amount of players on the map. This is limited by amount of systems (1/5). When the skirmish game is started, maximum is set to current player count and no more players can join after.
Player densitySpecifies average distance a new player in the game is spawned from previous player, in light years (ly) - this mostly works well on GameWorlds. On skirmish maps it depends on the actual map size and amount of players. If it is not possible to follow this rule, for any reason, random free star system is selected instead.
Nebulae densityControls the rate of nebulae on the map. Due to small maximum system cap, this option is quite limited, but you can choose none, or some degree of probability if it will be 1 or 2.
Natural wormholesThis controls the probability of a natural wormhole to spawn between near systems. You can disable them completely, or choose some degree of density. A ´Few´ option usually results in most systems having one link to some other system, increasing the value will increase the chance for systems to have at least one, as well as increase chances to have 2, 3, or even 4 wormhole links at maximum. We recommend to use default as a maximum for a meaningful strategic gameplay, anything over that creates dense 3D spiderwebs.
Galaxy typeCurrenty only basic uniform map is available. Later you will be able to choose from different galaxy shapes.
Advanced empireUse this option if you want to skip early slow reseach and buildup of your empire and jump right at colonization and military fleet production.
Blink drivesGives you control over whether blink drives will be researcheable, or not. If you don´t want players to move freely around the map with this advanced tech, you can turn it off here.
Quest systemEnables, or disables games quest system. If disabled, quests as well as their benefits, will not be available for that game.