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List of fleets

In this overview, you will get basic information about all of your fleets. If this page is used with a system-specific filter, it shows all fleets in that system, including fleets of other players.

- You can sort the table according to the selected criteria by clicking on the appropriate heading in the column.
- Fleet speed is presented in unit C, ie 1/10 light speed.*
- In each row of the table, you´ll find the Starmap button to target the fleet position on the map.
- Click on the fleet title to see the Fleet Information page for the selected fleet.
- Table also shows Fleets current level of experience. If the number is green, new level was reached and level point can be assigned to choosen property.
- The button in the Stance column can be used to quickly change the stance of the selected fleet (Defensive / Aggressive stance).
- The table also shows the fleets current location, its destination and the time it takes to reach it in case the fleet is in travel, and the number of Colony ships, the population being transferred, or resources carried.
- Last few columns shows cargo, units and weapons capacity.

- Information on special fleet features can also be found on the table, in the following order:

Navigation computer
Wormhole generator
Hyperspace window generator
Anti-blink wave generator
Blink drive
Energy shields

These properties have a major impact on travel methods.

*Given that the basic speed of the game represents a time span of 10 years / 24 hours, it is easy to calculate how long the fleet will move between known distances. For example, at speed 1 (1/10 light speed), the fleet will fly 1 light year for exactly 24 hours of game time, at the basic speed of the gaming world (1).

Fleet taxes

Fleets can now have taxes collected from the population that is currently beeing carried within. This enables different ways on how to play the game, which will be further exploited in the future by adding extra research, hulls and race options. Just imagine leaving planets entirely and live in space and travel around the galaxy like nomads.

Fleet experience

Fleet can gain experience and levelUp from time to time. Each level can improve one of the 11 basic fleet stats (speed, kinetic, heat and energy damage, hp, armor, shields, cargo, units and weapons capacity and upkeep. Every one stat can be enhanced max 25 times, which sums up to 275 levels. As it is unlikely to reach that in one game, player must carefully choose which areas to enhance. Every level gives minor 1% bonus to basic value.