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Through research, you can gain access to diverse technologies, such as more efficient ways to travel through the galaxy, stronger weapons, larger ships, and much more. Before you start exploring new technologies, you need to have at least one Research center in one of your colonies. The more Research centers you build, the faster you will do the research. Unlike construction and production, that apply to a particular colony, you can carry out research in the whole empire on just one technology at a time. However you can add a few research into queue and the next research is started automatically after the previous one is finished. Maximum amount of research in queue is determined by your account type.

The individual technologies are divided into several thematic branches, each branch tracking its own development tree or group of trees, which means you have to meet certain conditions of previous research to achieve more demanding and advanced technologies. Some research may, in addition to previous research and the amount of game money required, require other special conditions to make the research available or run. You will find the description of the different research branches as well as the basic technology breakthroughs of each branch below.

Most research has multiple levels, offering a cumulative effect after reaching each level, or achieving a specific level unlocks new research, construction, unit, cargo, module, or feature. This information is always included in the research description as well as in the library. The cost of research at each other level is increased by the first-level research cost. For example, if level 1 is 10,000, level 4 will cost 40,000.

Icons on the research screen

- For individual meanings, check out the Legend article, research section.

- More about types of attacks, types of defense, and how they interact with each other, can be found in the article Triangle of effectiveness.
- If you want to find out about free slots for installing modules into ship, station and base hulls, we recommend to explore Ship Design.

General research

Starting Research branch, available immediately after the first Research lab is completed. It contains virtually all the initial technologies needed for the launch of the space empire. This includes research into ship hulls, production buildings, defense and attack.

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