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Under this tab you will find various reports from the events in the game. We currently generate these types of reports, you´ll find the description below:
  • Fleet battle
  • Colony battle
  • Colony siege
  • Colony capture
  • Colony destruction
  • Environmental effects report

Fleet battle

Click on Fleet battle for more detailed information about combat. For each fleet involved in a fight with another fleet, a report will be generated that includes information on the total % fleet loss and % loss of the enemy side (which may be one or more fleets or colony defense). At the same time, you will see a detailed sheet of losses for each type of unit and ammo of your fleet, and the total estimated loss value, expressed in terms of the amount of game money, as well as the amount of the lost crew.

Colony battle

The Colony battle report is identical to the Fleet battle report, containing colony defense losses that took part in your Fleet battle (or fleets, including Allies) against the attacking enemy fleet.

Colony siege

Attack on colony takes place with an active attacker´s participation, so no report is created. A cumulative report is generated for the attacked colony - as the player may not be present on the colony side - which can be closed after reading, and a new report is then created during the next attack.

Colony capture

In case your colony is occupied by other player, a simple report will be created.

Colony destruction

In case your colony is completely destroyed by other player, a simple report will be created.

Environmental effects report

If your fleet finds itself in an environment that is devastating for some of your ships and you will lose them, a report of loss will be created. For more information on the dangers of nebulae, see article Environmental Effects.