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An interactive play plan that is a key part of Colonize.online. The system receives updated information on fleet movements, systems, colonies and other information at regular intervals. This update is optimized for server load, only sends changes since last update, while each opening of the map or browser refresh must download all information about the game world.


To move around on a map, just drag the left mouse button or touch the screen from one empty space on the map to another location. The current camera position on the map will change immediately depending on the position of the control element.

The distance between individual star systems can be measured by a similar mouse or touch screen movement, from one system to another, or anywhere on the screen. The system draws a line at the end of which indicates the distance in the unit ly (light year).

Fleet travel is activated in the same way as measuring distances between systems. Just dragging from the fleet system to the system where we want to send it and dropping the mouse or finger from the screen will show the menu of all the manageable fleets with information about the time needed to travel to the destination and travel method. For each fleet, the fastest available method of travel is automatically selected. Confirmation of the trip is made by clicking on the designated fleet from the fleet list.

By clicking on the star system that is within your sensor range (a light circle of varying radius around the fleet or colony), the options menu appears.

- Above the system icon will always be a button that redirects to the System information page corresponding to that system.
- If there is a colony in the system, Colony overview option will appear above the system icon to the left.
- If there is not any colony in the system but you have a fleet with a Colonization ship there, you´ll be able to create a new colony. In the case of available colony creation, this fact is also highlighted by the green interrupted circle around the system.
- If you have a fleet in the system, you´ll see a button for opening Fleet Overview filtered for that system, including other fleets, on the top right.

Other information elements

Other important information can be learned from the star map.

- The circle symbol around the system represents the existence of a colony, the selected color being of a particular player.
- The system icon itself tells you what type of star or system it is. For more information about system types, see System information.
- Name of the colony also indicates some information about the colony. If it is gold, the colony is capital of the empire (having one of the capital class building). White name has Colonial center build and should be considered developed. Smaller gray name is indicative of small or starting colony.
- The blue triangle with the number on the system tells the number of your fleets in the system. The red triangle represents other fleets with aggresive stance. Green triangle represents other fleets with defensive, or passive stance.
- Travelling fleets are represented by blue and red icons. With your own fleet, you can tell by the color of the line that the fleet is aggressive (red) or defensive (blue). For a fleet of other player (the red fleet icon), you see only the gray line, you will find their attitude only when they meet your fleet, or reach their destination.
- There is also a name beneath the colony. The name of the fleet is displayed below the traveling fleet, the color used to represents the player.
- Purple lines represent Wormholes between systems and are visible only after the required level of research has been completed.
- White interrupted lines represent the possibility of traveling between systems via Hyperspace, another dimension parallel to ours, where the distance between two points is considerably smaller. These lines are visible only if there is a connection between the two systems, both colonies have built Hyperspace Gate, both are visible on the map and one of the colonies is selected. It also depends on the technologies developed and their presence in the fleet, or whether the second gateway is available - in case it belongs to another player.
- The white symbol of the three lines pointing to the center represents the presence of Hyperspace Gate in the given system.
- The three-line rectangle represents the presence of the Blink effect inhibitor.
- If you see white circle around selected colony (of any player), this represents range of local sensors from that colony. Be aware that this does not include any further upgrades or research, that other players might already have.
- Some systems may be located in a nebula that usually extends to a distance of several light-years. For more information on the types and effects of nebulae, see Environmental effects.