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Game resources

There are several different resources in the world of Colonize.online. Most of them are abundant, but during your playthrough you might come to some that are quite rare.

- see the Colony overview for other features of colony management.
- see the Construction article for the list of all construction options.

PeopleYour most precious resource is your own population. Guard it well and increase it as much as possible. Might seem to be abundant and plentiful, but when you have only a few, you´ll realize it is hard to have more and there is market for it (at least there is no slavery yet in our Galaxy)
Might be called differently, or come in many forms, defending on the society, form of government, but in the esense it is about the same - strength of your economy and ability to produce. Most of it comes in direct dependance to your population.
MineralsYou can find them anywere - this resource usually covers basic elements - rocks and metals as a means to build stuff
ChemicalsAlso quite plentyful in the galaxy - chemicals are used as advanced resource mostly in form of a fuel or weapons.
Uranium...or other radioactive isotopes. These are not so common and their use is highly specialized for sensitive equipment, weapons of mass destruction or starhip engines, thrusters etc.
DebensSpecial resource that is very rare and its use is limited for some advanced research.

Resource production

Basic raw resources, like minerals, chemicals and uranium, are extracted from the colonized planet by a specialized constructions.

LegendMineral processing
Provides steady production of the minerals, basic construction materials for basically everything.

Production rate of one building equals 4x game speed per minute.
Costs 2 500 200 400 600 00
Attributes0,7010 Maximum allowed in colony 50x

Refineries provides necessary chemicals, usually known in the form of fuel, or explosives. But it goes further than that. Basically any advanced protective layers of materials require chemical components in some form or other.

Production rate of one building equals 2x game speed per minute.
Costs 3 000 150 2 000 100 01
Attributes1,0010 Maximum allowed in colony 25x

LegendUranium mine
Deep within planetary crust, one can find dangerous radioactive isotopes that have plenty applications in research, exploration of space as well as in military.

Production rate of one building equals 1x game speed per minute.
Costs 10 000 100 2 500 2 000 01
Attributes1,5010 Maximum allowed in colony 5x

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