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This article covers the topic of player ranking based on received medals and other statistics from all the games he played so far. We will also cover victory conditions and differences between Skirmish games and GameWorlds when it comes to finishing/winning the game and receiving medal.

GameWorlds and medals

GameWorlds does not have any victory condition set, game will run until it hits some end game event, or series of events. When completed, game will stop and only after that will be the players evaluated for medals, based on the table below. Most of the medals are unlimited and every player that meets the condition (with the exception of Conquerors medal, he must also be undefeated) will get the medal. Last man standing medal does not apply for GameWorlds, only for Skirmish games of that victory condition. Galactic award can be gained only in GameWorlds and is limited to only a a few TOP players based on overall score from that game. (1 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze medals, or more if some players share the same position with exactly the same score). Galactic awards will also have some nice bonuses attached to it.

Skirmish games and medals

The only way to receive medal from Skirmish game is to play it with one of the victory conditions and be the first one to complete the condition. Other players won´t get any. You can aim for higher tiers (silver and gold) only after you collect at least 5 medals of lower tier for that victory condition. For the sake of the time, all tiers will require you to complete the condition of the first (bronze) tier, the difference is that with higher tiers, you will face more experienced and cunning players. A game without any victory condition will run indefinitely, or until all the players retire.

MedalVictory condition
Galactic awardBe one of the TOP players in GameWorld5-102-41st
Last man standingDefeat all other players in the game+Conquer a colony+Conquer a colony+Conquer a colony
ResearcherAmount of research started200400600
ManagerOwn colonies153045
EconomistProduce credits1 billion2 billion4 billion
ExplorerDiscover systems255070
PopulistReach population level20 million50 million80 million
ConquerorWin offensive battles50100200

Total Score ranking

This value represents your current rating in the gameplay in overall. Algorithm is quite complex. It involves points for construction of higher value buildings, ships and stations, as well as starting more advanced research. It also gives you points for destruction of higher value buildings and ships of your enemies in battle, or during assault on colony. Every fleet battle that you win will also give you some extra points. And finally with any medal you receive will also come some extra points.

Loyalist rank

This ladder simply represents the players that spent more of their time playing Colonize.online than most of other players.

Galactic award

Galactic award is the most valuable medal one can receive in this game. This is the list of the most successful players in GameWorlds. Evaluation for the award is based on the same algorithm as is the total score ranking. Can be awarded also to defeated player, providing he will still be on TOP of the chart at the end of the GameWorld.

Last man standing

Award received in special game mode where there is only one player left in the game. In order to receive this reward, player must conquer some other players colony during the playthrough.


Award for reaching milestones in the total amount of research completed in game. Players that lost, won´t get any, no matter how much research they completed.


Award for reaching milestones in the total amount of colonies player controls at the end of the game.


Award for reaching milestones in absolute income from the beginning of the game. Players that lost, won´t get any, no matter how much income they generated before they were wiped out.


Award for reaching milestones in how many systems player discovered and named. Players that lost, won´t get any, no matter how many systems they claimed.


Award for reaching milestones in total population of the empire at the end of the game.


Award for reaching milestones in how many offensive battles the player won. This award is the only one that can be bestowed upon even when the player is already long gone.