General terms & conditions

These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply to all products, ie goods and services that Astiret, s.r.o. provides.

1. Parties and terms

TefNET is the name of a network of websites based on a common framework with which this network shares the name TefNET. The common feature of this network is the authentication of users through the TefSEC account.

TefSEC is a TefNET user account that uniquely identifies the user on all pages in the network. At the same time, it allows the account holder to use several premium features, including a virtual currency account Dn, ie a virtual wallet for payments within the network.

Credit (Dn) is a virtual currency created and guaranteed by Astiret, s.r.o. It has three levels - gold Dn, silver Dn and copper Dn. Gold Dn is always equivalent to 1 €, the rest are 1/100 fraction of the previous one. It is not a tradeable currency; it cannot be made profit by buying and selling it. The only purpose is easier access to microtransactions and interchange within the TefNET network - Dn can be understood as an advance for future purchases and can be then recorded in the accounting that way.

Buyer, resp. Customer ,resp. User means the individual, business person, or legal entity that has submitted an electronic order. An electronic order can only be made via electronic access by registering or logging in with an existing TefSEC account.

Seller, resp. Operator is understood as: Astiret, s.r.o., Starorímska 4, 851 10 Bratislava, IÈO: 44 789 700, DIÈ: 2022841656.

2. Registration

Upon registration, the Buyer is obliged to truthfully complete (or not complete, in the case of optional items) all items of the registration form and update them through the tools of the secure website environment in case of change. The buyer is responsible for the correctness of this data and thus for any damage and problems caused by incorrect or outdated data when ordering goods and services and creating documents related to the order (payment orders, invoices, bill of lading, address labels etc.)
When submitting the registration form (or order), the User agrees to these terms and conditions in full, which is confirmed by ticking the appropriate box.

By registering in the TefNET network, the User has created a TefSEC account. Registration data are processed only by the TefNET network Operator, or the operator of the website on which the registration took place, if different. Operators of other sites in the TefNET network have access to personal data only upon the first login of the User on their website, after the User confirms local activation of the account, including agreement with the conditions of the operator of the local website. Some websites on the network may allow you to place an order without registering. In this case, the TefSEC account is not created.

The user has the right to request the cancellation of the TefSEC account (more in the section on privacy). The Operator reserves the right to cancel the TefSEC account of the User after 5 years from the last login of the User in the network. If Dn account credits are not used in the account, they will be forfeited to the operator upon cancellation of the account.

3. Order - purchase contract

The buyer orders the goods or service, or concludes a distance contract with the seller electronically by sending an order through the online store cart function, or by another interface to send a specific product order. An order sent to the Seller shall be considered a proposal for the conclusion of a contract within the meaning of §43a of the Slovakia Civil Code. (* If the buyer is a legal entity, the registration must also include the registration number and VAT number, VAT payers also include VAT ID. In this case, the contractual relationship is governed by the Slovakia Commercial Code on the purchase contract) Buyer has the ability to withdraw the proposal for the conclusion of a contract only in the manner specified in this provision. The Seller reserves the right to cancel the order after a reasonable period from the due date of the order amount, while the ordering party does not respond to requests for payment or any communication about the order, or if the ordering party confirms the interest to cancel the order.

4.Automatic order creation, reservation and payment due

By sending the order, the order is automatically created in the system and the goods or services are booked up to the amount currently in stock. Goods are usually sent to the customer once all items are in stock. If you are interested in early partial delivery of the goods that are already in stock at the time of placing the order, please contact us. If the expected payment for the order is not received within four (4) working days, the seller reserves the right to cancel booking of the goods or service. The Seller also reserves the right to release the reservation sooner, especially if there is a reasonable doubt or information from the customer that the order will not be paid. On the other hand, the reservation may be held for a longer period, depending on the previous agreement between the seller and the customer, or on the basis of pre-specified conditions.

5. Terms of Delivery

Once your payment has been credited to our account (other than cash on delivery), the goods will be promptly, within five (5) business days, sent to the buyer according to the delivery method specified when the order was sent.
The seller fulfills this obligation by handing the goods over to the carrier. In case of loss or damage of the goods by the transport company, the seller assumes the responsibility - the goods are usually insured. The cost of transporting goods is not included in the price of the goods. We deliver the goods according to the valid price list only in the territory of the Slovak Republic. We do not supply goods to other countries. In accordance with § 13 para. 1 of Act no. 108/2000 Coll. on Consumer Protection, as amended, the consumer agrees to extend the delivery period if the production, the purchase of ordered goods, or other circumstances so require. In this case, however, the buyer will be immediately informed of the change in delivery time.

In the case of delivery of the ordered service, it will be carried out immediately or according to the nature of the service at a predetermined time or in time agreed with the buyer.

6. Terms of payment

After placing an order in the system, a confirmation of the order will be sent to your e-mail address entered during the registration (sending of the order) together with the necessary data for the payment. A payment order can be generated for an individual order at any time directly via the secure ´My Orders´ page in the online store as soon as the order is generated in the system.
The tax document - invoice is available for download or printing in the menu ´My orders´ after confirmation of receipt of payment for the order on our account. In the case of an order without registration on the account page, an electronic invoice is sent on request to the contact email address entered when the order was placed.

Payment options:
- Wire transfer from another bank account to our account: see Contact Details .
When paying by wire transfer, the date of payment shall be the date of crediting the entire purchase price to the seller´s account.
The costs of using the means of distance communication shall be borne by each of the Contracting Parties at its own expense. Due to the booking mechanism of goods in the online store, we recommend that you submit a payment order without delay, preferably on the day you place your order.

- In the case of payment by postal order, it is appropriate to inform in advance and agree to prolong the reservation of goods. Similarly, it is possible to agree to extend or re-book the ordered goods after cancellation of the reservation, in case of payment of the payment order in delay. To do so, please contact us at payment@astiret.com. It is advisable to include the customer´s identification and order number in the subject.

- Payment Dn - orders, or selected services with other ordering mechanism can be paid through the virtual currency from the buyer´s TefSEC account. For this purpose, the function is usually available in the basket before placing the order, in the payment instructions of the order, or by direct payment in Dn when placing the order by another mechanism.

- Cash payment is possible only upon delivery of goods on delivery, upon receipt of goods from the transport company.

7.Withdrawal from contract

If the buyer is a private person - the consumer and the goods were delivered through the agreed carrier, the purchase contract has the character of a consumer contract that was concluded using the means of distance communication. Pursuant to §12 par. 1 of Act no. 108/2000 Coll. the buyer is entitled to withdraw from the contract without giving a reason within 14 days of receipt of the goods. Withdrawal from the contract must be made in writing, must contain all data used to identify the goods, the seller and the buyer, bank account number for the refund and must be delivered within the above period together with the goods to the seller´s address at the buyer´s expense. The goods must not be used, must be undamaged and packed in the original (unpacked). The goods must be delivered to the seller together with the proof of purchase (copy).

If all of the above conditions for returning the goods are met, we will send you the money for the goods by bank transfer no later than 15 working days after the physical receipt and inspection of the goods. If the order was partially or fully paid by Dn credits, the same amount will be refunded in Dn. Upon request, the buyer can be refunded for goods in Dn credits also in other cases. Goods delivered by cash on delivery method to our address will not be picked up.

8. Claim

The Complaints Procedure is governed by the provisions of the Civil Code, the Commercial Code and the Consumer Protection Act in the area of ​​goods complaints. In the event of a production defect or a malfunction of the goods in use in accordance with the manufacturer´s instructions, within the warranty period, the goods can be claimed. Claimed goods must be sent by registered mail to our postal address, securely packed and at your own expense, or shipped in person. The complaint will be settled without delay, if possible within 30 days of receipt of the claimed goods. If the complaint lasts longer, the customer will be informed in advance. In the case of warranty claims, the manufacturer´s statement is decisive. Unless stated otherwise, the warranty period is 24 months from the date of purchase. In the case of multimedia content (audio, video, software) it is a purchase of license for use and in this case the goods as such can not be claimed.

We provide a limited warranty in the event of a malfunction of the media content carrier, and the customer is entitled to a functional copy of the purchased content if the media fails to function in the complaint procedure.

In the event of a successful claim, the Buyer is entitled to free removal of the defect, replacement of the goods for a new piece, if the defect can not be removed without limitation of functionality / quality and in justified cases also to return an adequate purchase price to Buyer´s account in a form of Dn credit.

9. Marketplace (HAGGLE.space)

The Marketplace is a special zone available for TefSEC Account Users within several TefNET websites. Its main function is to enable a small, community-based sale of goods and services, especially of used items in the form of an exchange.

The User (Seller within the Marketplace) creates the advertisement and is fully responsible for its content and truthfulness. Another User (Buyer within the Marketplace) creates an order based on an advertisement. Both the seller and the buyer undertake to run the entire business online, through the Marketplace, using only the available features. Payment is in the form of a reservation and subsequent transfer of a specified amount of credits (Dn) between the buyer and the seller. Astiret, s.r.o. enters the transaction only as an intermediary and technical guarantor, while the standard exchange workflow between seller and buyer is free of charge at all.

The transfer of credits is secured and will only take place when both parties agree that they have completed their part of the trade (delivery and receipt of the subject of trade). Both buyers and sellers are thus protected against possible fraud. In case of a conflict, mediation by Astiret, s.r.o. between the seller and the buyer in the Marketplace can be arranged. Mediation is a separately charged service in the amount of 3% of the trade volume in favor of the Operator, always at the Seller´s expense. By using the Marketplace, both buyer and seller agree with the authority of Astiret, s.r.o. in the mediation of a potential dispute. Unreasonable refusal to deliver the goods / services to the Buyer by the Seller shall be considered a violation of the Marketplace conditions and shall be penalized in the amount of 1% of the trade volume from the Seller´s account in favor of the Operator. Unjustified refusal means a duly ordered item covered by the required amount of credits. Similarly, cancellation of an order or refusal to accept an order by the buyer is penalized. In this case, the buyer is refunded 99% of the booked price and 1% is charged as a fee in favor of the Operator, from the buyer´s account.

The Seller acknowledges that the use of the Marketplace does not terminate or in any way transfer to Astiret, s.r.o. business-related obligations in the event that its activities in the Marketplace conducts business, ie. among other things, duly issue to the buyer a tax document in € (or other local currency) equivalent of the credits received and provide a guarantee for the goods / services supplied within the scope of the law.

10. Privacy Policy

All personal data is protected in accordance with valid legal regulations, especially the Personal Data Protection Act.

The User who is a private person, by registering a TefSEC account or submitting an Order confirms that the personal data provided by him in the name, surname, home address, e-mail address, telephone number are accurate and true. The processing of the aforementioned personal data is carried out on a legal basis: the processing of personal data is necessary for the fulfillment of the Contract to which the User is a party or to take precautionary measures at the request of the User pursuant to Art. Article 6.1b European Parliament and Council Regulations 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on protection of private persons in processing personal data and on the free movement of such data, repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (hereinafter referred to as ´GDPR´). The purpose of the processing of personal data is the collection, storage and processing of personal data by the Operator and their use for billing purposes and other acts related to the ordered and provided service, including later communication with the User (complaint, withdrawal from the contract, etc.), as well as for the own marketing needs of the Operator, for the purpose of offering services, sending product information, including by electronic means (e-mail, sms, telephone). The user bears full responsibility for damages caused by incorrect or outdated personal data.

The Operator is authorized to process personal data beyond the scope specified in this point and whose processing is incompatible with the legal basis referred to in this point only with the prior consent of the User voluntarily and for a predetermined purpose, scope and time. The user has the right to withdraw his consent at any time in writing. The withdrawal of consent is effective on the day of its delivery to the Operator.

The Operator undertakes not to use or provide personal data outside the scope necessary for the delivery of goods or the operation of the ordered service and ensuring its operation. The personal data shall not be disclosed to any third parties, with the exception of the transport company in the supply of goods chosen by the user. In the event that personal data should be provided beyond these terms and conditions, the Operator is obliged in contractual relationship with a third party to agree to the protection of personal data in accordance with applicable law, especially the Data Protection Act, and to inform User that the provision of personal data to a third party is necessary for the performance of the Contract and otherwise the service cannot be provided. For these purposes it is necessary that the Operator obtains the consent of the User.

The user is entitled to give special consent to access to his / her personal data to a third party when registering on the TefNET website, which is under the administration of the third party, locally via the user´s TefSEC account, a copy of which will be created in the system of this website at the time of local registration.

The user has the possibility to publish his / her personal presentation, including personal data, via a dedicated function available in the user´s account settings. The Operator bears no responsibility in case of misuse of personal data published by the User himself.

The user has the right to be forgotten. If he / she asks in writing for the deletion of his / her personal data, the Operator is obliged to ensure the deletion if the data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected or the User withdraws his consent for processing and there is no other legal basis for processing. The user may also ask the specific webmaster of the website where a local copy of his TefSEC account was created to delete that local copy only, without affecting the account itself, in which case he must contact the administrator of the website, as specified by the administrator.

In the event that the Operator acts in relation to the customers of the User in the position of the Intermediary, this relationship from the perspective of personal data protection is governed by Art. 28 GDPR, resp. by other sections that are related to it.

11. Advertising, propaganda and content creation

The capabilities of the community portion of this website, as well as other websites owned by Astiret, s.r.o., may not be misused in any way for any commercial promotion of the products and / or services of the registered User or third parties. This is particularly true, but not limited to, articles, forum threads, and their respective discussion sections. Any links to advertising content placed on this or any other TefNET website will be deleted. In the event of repeated breach of the terms and conditions, the Operator reserves the right to block the possibility of contributing to the content, or the right to completely block the User´s account, adequate to the seriousness of the breach.

The same terms apply to the publication of illegal content, immoral content, or pornography. Illegal content also includes copyright infringement.

The user can only advertise through the features provided (see ACCOUNT -> My Campaigns). Please note that this feature is still under development and we do not guarantee its functionality or efficiency. Use is at your own risk. Astiret, s.r.o. does not guarantee any result from the use of this marketing feature for the benefit of the User.

12. Change of conditions

Astiret, s.r.o. reserves the right to change the GTC without prior notice. Such a change will be announced the moment it arrives.

13. Final provisions

The User declares that he / she has become acquainted with these Terms and Conditions during registration or before sending the order and that he / she agrees with these Terms and Conditions. Relations between the User and the Operator are governed by these General Terms and Conditions, unless otherwise agreed individually. These general terms and conditions may be extended by the terms of use of a particular product or service, in which case both apply. In the event of conflict or other non-compliance, the extension terms shall prevail over this GTC.